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Punjab And Kumaun Himalayas

Words: 1524    Pages: 6    Paragraphs: 30    Sentences: 101    Read Time: 05:32
              This mountainous region lies between Jammu and Kashmir State to the north-west and Nepal to the south-east. It comprises the Punjab Himalayas (that part of the Himalayas which lies in Himachal Pradesh) and the Kumaun Himalayas that part of the Himalayas which lies in Uttarakhand.
              Relief Features:
              This is a highly rugged region covered with snow and elevation of 4250 m. This part consists of
Geography Essays 

Current Scenario Of Electrical Power In India

Words: 997    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 25    Sentences: 60    Read Time: 03:37
              Electrical power is the most vital energy input for the industry, the household and the national economy India with a bursting populace of 110 million power hungry individuals is the leading nation among the developing countries concentrating on cost-effective power generation, transmission and distribution for her ever growing needs.
              The history of electrical power in India is more than a cent
India Essay 

The Use Of Thermal Treatment Technology In Hospitals

Words: 753    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 21    Sentences: 52    Read Time: 02:44
              Two types of systems, viz. the Low Heat System and High Heat System can be employed to achieve this.
              The low heat system uses steam, hot water or electromagnetic radiation to heat and decontaminate the waste by operating at temperatures of up to 150 degree centigrade.
              High heat system uses the process of combustion pyrolysis to destroy the waste by operating at temperatures ranging from 600?
Medical Essay Science Essay 

Educational History Of Russia

Words: 1889    Pages: 7    Paragraphs: 46    Sentences: 150    Read Time: 06:52
              Up to the nineteenth century about 90% of the people was illiterate in Russia. Poverty and unemployment was the cause of the hopeless condition of the people. The public was under the complete dominance of Czar and the Church. In this vast country there were various languages, races and religious sects.
              The country was backward. The minorities were neglected. There were some centers of scientif
Education Essay 

Essay On Anemia

Words: 996    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 20    Sentences: 96    Read Time: 03:37
              Worldwide anemia is the commonest red cell disorder. Anemia leads to a decreased amount of hemoglobin concentration, red cell count and PCV value. The anemia is present when Hb concentration falls below in the following:
              Newborn infants - 14 g/ dl
              Child 6 months to 4 year - 11 g/ dl
              Child 5 to 11 year - 11.5 g/dl
              Child 12 to 14 year - 12.0 g/dl
              Non-pregnant women - 12.0 g/dl
Virus Essay 

Short Essay On Earth

Words: 235    Pages: 1    Paragraphs: 4    Sentences: 18    Read Time: 00:51
              The Earth was formed about 4.7 billion years ago. The Earth's shape is very close to that of a sphere, not perfectly spherical. The Earth's equatorial diameter is about 12,756 km, which is slightly larger than the polar diameter; about 12,714 km Surface Area of the Earth is 510,065,600 km2 of which 148,939,100 km2 (29.2 %) is land and 361,126,400 km2 (70.8 %) is water.
              The Earth rotates on its
Geology Essay 

The Impact Of Various WTO Agreements On Various Industries

Words: 2218    Pages: 8    Paragraphs: 46    Sentences: 119    Read Time: 08:03
              In this context, though there are several uncertainties as to the precise way in which the post-WTO scenario will operate, affecting different sub-sectors differently, there are certain key issues/constraints that will become important for specific products that India produces and exports.
              SIDBI, as the principal financial institution for SSI, undertook a series of WTO-related sectoral studies
Economics Essay 

An Essay Deconstructing The Da Vinci Code

Words: 1823    Pages: 7    Paragraphs: 34    Sentences: 105    Read Time: 06:37
              The Da Vinci Code is everywhere. It has prompted an hour-long ABC Primetime special, garnered the cover of Newsweek, is the subject of book clubs across the country and will soon be a motion picture. It also has sparked controversy and doubt. Many reading the book reconfirm their suspicions that the Bible is not a trustworthy and reliable document, while some Christians have even been led to doubt
The Da Vinci Code Essay 

An Essay On The Role Of Women In Islam

Words: 1449    Pages: 5    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 72    Read Time: 05:16
              For every one woman in the world there are 1.014 men according to a 2014 estimate. This means that just about half of all the people in the world are women. Two halves make a whole, so for a society to function properly there must be combined roles for both male and female. Unfortunately in certain societies women are discriminated against, making that society a broken society. No society that dis
Islam Essay 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Words: 1197    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 22    Sentences: 68    Read Time: 04:21
              The concept of CSR has moved beyond its US birthplace and has spread all over the world, with an impressive upsurge during the last 10 years. CSR has a history for well over 200 years in the UK: before and during the Industrial Revolution.
              A More than three fourth of the companies of the FTSE companies are now actively practising CSR and now even a large number of smaller UK companies and non-p
Business Essay 

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